Our Client Guarantee

Since its foundation, the Professional Development Consortium has been committed to providing excellent accreditation services and enabling our members to become successful accredited providers.

It can be nerve-wracking to share confidential training materials and client information with a third party, and we are aware of the sensitivities around data protection and non-disclosure.

Our goal is to provide you with consistently superior customer experience—whether at registration, during your assessment process or with ongoing advice and information.

The Customer Guarantee lets you know what you can, and should, expect from the Professional Development Consortium—and what we’re doing to hold ourselves accountable every day.

We make the following guarantees:


We will give you a full money-back guarantee on all our accreditation services

If you’re not satisfied with our accreditation and assessment service and wish to cancel your membership for any reason, you can do so and receive your money back. To qualify for the guarantee, you simply need to have engaged with the assessment and accreditation process and worked with our assessment colleagues. All refund requests must be put in writing.


We will give you a full money-back guarantee on all our accreditation services

Our colleagues and experts work under strict confidentiality agreements. Your training materials and learning resources will never be shared with a third party, another training provider, or be made publicly available. Should you wish to implement a working non-disclosure agreement specific to you or your organisation, simply request one from our membership team.


We will schedule assessment appointments at your convenience and be mindful of your time

Should you opt for a form-free assessment by conference call or assessment meeting at our offices, or conference call, this will be organised at your convenience during business hours. For trainers working full time, we also offer evening conference call assessment and support.


We will answer your questions at your convenience

Our colleagues and experts are consistently available during office hours, and you can contact us on 0203 745 6463 regarding any aspect of your assessment or accreditation.

For enquiries regarding training, education or sector-specific questions, we will endeavour to answer your queries within 48 hours.


We will offer easy-to-understand membership subscription information and provide you with a clear bill

Our membership subscriptions are designed to be straightforward. A call or visit to our website makes it easy to register for a membership subscription that is right for you and your learning materials. We aim for the same clarity with our fee and invoice information.

If you aren’t happy, we want to know. Please contact us by email or call customer service on 0203 745 6463 whenever you have a concern or a problem with your accreditation service.