Our Educational Authority and Remit

The Provider of Training Excellence© Accreditation was developed in consultation with a group of 'Founding Member' organisations. Established as leaders within their fields, these organisations agreed the need for an external accreditation that verifies educational excellence and worked together to shape the accreditation. Many of whom were also instrumental in contributing and piloting the criteria and assessment methodology.

The Professional Development Consortium is also steered by an Expert Independent Advisory Board comprising academics, representatives from professional bodies and experts in training and lifelong learning. The criteria and methodology for the accreditation is regularly reviewed to ensure its validity and reliability. 

About the Professional Development Consortium

The Provider of Training Excellence¬© accreditation is awarded by the Professional Development Consortium. 

Founded in 2010, this Consortium was developed from a large scale research project initially based at Kingston University Business School, which went on to partner with an educational charity and various professional bodies.

The research explored professional development, adult education and training, and provided a strong academic platform for the Consortium.

Today the Consortium works with a range of educational organisations, training providers, professional bodies, associations and third sector organisations - having accredited hundreds of organisations and individuals.

As well as the Provider of Training Excellence© accreditation, the Consortium oversees the CPD Standards Office who deliver a set of accreditation services primarily focused on accredited individual training and learning activities, and verifying them for use within a formal Continuous Professional Development (CPD) context.