As a coach, we can offer you an unique individual accreditation that will enable you to expand into new markets because your clients can use their sessions with you towards their formal professional development requirements.

The coaches we certify have typically received comprehensive coaching training and already hold a recognised qualification. They provide one-to-one support and coaching that unlocks their clients’ potential to maximise their own performance.

Accreditation in this area is specifically focused on coaching that is delivered for professional development purposes. In other words, for coaching that fulfils the CPD requirements of a specific professional body or employer.

The Coach of Excellence accreditation is assessed on an individual basis delivering coaching programmes over time. It is different to our individual Trainer of Excellence accreditation as it is purely focused on time spent delivering one to one coaching sessions.  Accreditation is also available for coaching programmes, where a number of one-to-one coaching sessions are held over a period of time.

In addition to winning new clients, by becoming a Coach of Excellence you will have a significant competitive advantage by being among the top coaches in the country who have recently become accredited.

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